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A powerful API to store and sync data in realtime.

  • every piece of data has its own URL. You can use this URL to access your data in several ways:
    • From any Firebase client library
    • From REST API
    • Open in browser

getting start

<!doctype html>
    <!-- add the firebase client lib -->
    <script src='https://cdn.firebase.com/js/client/1.0.15/firebase.js'></script>
    <div id='messagesDiv'></div>
    <input type='text' id='nameInput' placeholder='Name'>
    <input type='text' id='messageInput' placeholder='Message'>
      // Use YOUR Firebase URL
      var myDataRef = new Firebase('https://<hehe>.firebaseio-demo.com/');
      $('#messageInput').keypress(function (e) {
        if (e.keyCode == 13) {
          var name = $('#nameInput').val();
          var text = $('#messageInput').val();
          // set the data
          // fb.set({ name: "Alex Wolfe" });
          // or use as an array
          myDataRef.push({name: name, text: text});
      // Update in realtime.
      myDataRef.on('child_added', function(snapshot) {
        var message = snapshot.val();
        displayChatMessage(message.name, message.text);
      function displayChatMessage(name, text) {
        $('<div/>').text(text).prepend($('<em/>').text(name+': ')).appendTo($('#messagesDiv'));
        $('#messagesDiv')[0].scrollTop = $('#messagesDiv')[0].scrollHeight;
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