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Google Physical Web

Physical Web 的关键是 提供一种 设备发现的标准,而设备如何应用留给厂商解决

目前 Google 是通过一个 App 展示这套平台的: google/physical-web

The Physical Web extends the web we know into the physical world around us. This involves creating an open ecosystem where smart devices can broadcast URLs into the area around them (通过 BLE). Any nearby display such as a phone or tablet can then see these URLs and offer them up to the user. It mirrors the basic behavior we have today with a search engine:

  1. The user requests a list of what's nearby.
  2. A ranked list of URLs is shown.
  3. The user picks one.
  4. The URL is opened in a full screen browser window.



  1. Introduction,简介 physical web 的 idea,及 FAQ
  2. Technical Overview,介绍 device(beacon)通过 BLE 广播 URL(文档中有详细的 BLE 的包格式),被 client(手机)收到,client 再将收到的所有 URL 发给 server(非必要)进行排序等工作的流程
  3. Physical Web Android Client Walkthrough,介绍了 Android App 目前的功能
  4. Getting started testing the Physical Web,讲了如何做一个硬件(通过 RFDuino)来 broadcast physical web URL
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