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graphmagick GraphicsMagick is originally derived from ImageMagick 5.5.2 as of November 2002 but has been completely independent of the ImageMagick project since then. Since the fork from ImageMagick many improvements have been made (see NEWS) by many authors using an open development model but without breaking the API or utilities operation.

  • Convert from jpegs to PDF:
    convert *.jpg foo.pdf


# 从 c1.jpg 裁剪,990x360 是剪切图片的 宽x高,180 1235 是起点的 x、y 位置
convert c1.jpg -crop 990x360+180+1235 white.jpg
# 将 white 覆盖到 c2.jpg
convert c2.jpg white.jpg +180+1235 -composite output.jpg


# 上下拼接
$ convert 1.png 2.png -append result.png
# 左右拼接
$ convert 1.png 2.png +append result.png
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